Throw is Official Selection at Mountainfilm

Invisible Thread, an ELM short film series kicks off with Throw, debuting in Telluride in late May.

ByDarren Durlach
May 11, 2016

We’re excited to kick off our new passion project film series, Invisible Thread, in Telluride, Colorado with the debut of Throw at Mountainfilm 2016.

Throw tells the story of an outsider from East Baltimore, an area challenged by gang violence and poverty. Often misunderstood, Coffin Nachtmahr found acceptance among a subculture of “throwers” and it turns out, he’s a virtuoso. He now helps others find a creative and social outlet by sharing the very toy that inspired him.

Watch the Official Throw Trailer

David Larson, the co-director of the film, was walking through Patterson Park when he discovered Coffin playing with a yo-yo. Coffin is hard not to notice with his gothic appearance, eye makeup, and prodigy-like throwing moves. After a brief conversation we decided to learn more and now we’re proud to finally debut the film later this month. Please stay tuned to watch the full version that will soon be available on our website and social media channels.

This was an exciting and humbling project for us to undertake. Thank you Coffin for letting a couple of awkward dudes with cameras tag along with you for a little while, and of course thank you for having the courage to share your inspirational story.

What we do as a company is capture the human experience. That’s our promise because that’s who we’re passionate about. People. The Invisible Thread series is fueled by our passion for telling people-driven stories and will be an ongoing project that explores human connectivity, life, death, and all the moments in between. We want it to be diverse, funny, serious, and informative. We plan to have a section dedicated on our website to the series in the future, and we welcome any and all story ideas that you would like to contribute to our love of storytelling.

If you plan to attend Mountainfilm this year, come say hi! Drinks are on Dave.

Throw Credits

Directors: Darren Durlach & David Larson

Executive Producer: Jody Weldon & Coffin Nachtmahr

Producer: Liz Norton / Cerebral Lounge & Iris D'Arcangelo / Cerebral Lounge

Associate Producer: Alexander Glass

Filming: David Larson, Darren Durlach, Alexander Glass

Writing: Darren Durlach & David Larson

Cast: Coffin Nachtmahr, Satarian Montgomery, Eon Duzant

Aerial: Jody Weldon

Design: Jody Weldon & Darren Durlach

Sound Design: Nick Sjostrom / Cerebral Lounge

Sound Mix: Nick Sjostrom / Cerebral Lounge

Licensed Music: Warner/Chappell Production Music

Special Thanks:, Bomb Squad, Paul Han, Cerebral Lounge, Stan Heist, Amy Marquis, Maribeth Livingston, Durlach Family, Larson Family, Weldon Family, the wonderful city of Baltimore, Early Light Media and all the dreamers

Camera: Canon C300, Inspire 1 Drone, Sony FS 700, Canon Prime Lenses

Run Time: 10:13

Date of Completion: April 2016

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