iKan IFB 576 Review

Moving outdoors, away from plugs and power, doesn't stop us from bringing our studio with us.

ByAlex Glass
May 4, 2015

From a news background, as we have said before and will probably say again, we tend to move quickly.


Moving to production, we’ve adapted. Our quality needed to increase, but our speed couldn't suffer. No matter. We overcame.

Next, we wanted to bring our studio with us on any adventure. Our solution was to purchase battery powered lights, preferably LED ones, to keep us fully armed on the move.

Our choice, the iKan IFB 576s have so far proven to be the right choice. They are not as powerful as our Arri kit, nor do they keep color as crisp, but boy are they portable. Beyond being light-weight and maintaining a long lasting charge with the batteries, these lights don’t heat up at all. We can move from scene to scene, set to set and not worry about light cool times. This in itself has added mobility to our shooting.

They came in from B&H as we were leaving the office one day; the next morning they were packed up with our gear. There was little to no learning curve, other than training ourselves to think, “Yes, I can put this light here even though there is no outlet.”

Since that initial success of a shoot, we’ve traveled with them to Boston, New York, and San Antonio. They fit easily in our Pelican cases and add almost no weight, which makes traveling by plane seamless.

We recommend investing in battery powered lights. If you want, give these iKan’s a try. We have yet to be unimpressed.

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