Little Tree

We all want to be home for the holidays.

ByELM Team
Dec 21, 2017

The holidays mean different things to different people. But when you peel back the traditions, the music and the presents, we all yearn for the same thing. We all want to be home. Close to the ones we love most.

We hope you all find joy, wonder, and the comfort of home this holiday season.

Big thanks to the team that helped bring this story to life.


  • Boy: Lukas West
  • Writer & Director: David Larson
  • Assistant Director: Darren Durlach
  • Executive Producer: Angela Malley
  • Director of Photography: Joel Flora
  • Assistant Camera: Andrew Hwang
  • G&E: Ted Ayd, Mark Hutchings, Jason Hubert, Mike Reft
  • Equipment Rental: Charm Cine
  • Sound Design: Defacto
  • Associate Producer: Rebecca McCutcheon
  • Production Assistant: Adam Green
  • Mom: Lydia West
  • Extras: James Malley, Robert Miller
  • Special Thanks: Nicoll Tree Farm, Woodbrook Baptist Church
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